Video Games: A Virtual World Of Design And Architecture

Houses, mansions, apartments, lofts or penthouses, you name it. Properties are quite the hype not only in the real world but also in the virtual world. Many games out there have the prospect of interesting architectural and interior design details we often overlook.

Who doesn’t enjoy possessing a luxurious condo or showing off a grand mansion or even creating your own magnificent space? If it’s not possible in real life, what better place other than the virtual world to do it. While most games use houses and buildings and other properties as a setting for the game, others allow for the real-estate to be a part of the game itself. Either Way there are quite a few interesting virtual architectural and design marvels out there.

Grand Theft Auto


Ever since the 3 dimensional and high definition features on GTA kicked in, more detail has been put into the architecture and interiors.

mic mansion Untitled-2 Untitled-3

Infact there is a real-estate website within the game dedicated to selling of properties in the virtual cities of san andreas, vice city and liberty city.

vercetti estate gta4 playboyxpenthouse gta-5-dlc-details-lenny-avery-mansions-uncovered-videos0_0

ElSwankoCasa-GTAVC-exterior maxresdefault




This is a game based on urban planning more to do with the generic theme of the city rather than individual houses. But as little things makeup an entire city this game has a few architectural pieces up its sleeve.


KaukerManor BartheletCoporation Boutiques CinemaHouse GrahamApartments



Free Sims 2 and Sims 3 Downloads by Sixtyten » AweSims_1281945052035

The sims game series that concentrates on the lifestyle of individual characters lays a lot more emphasis on the houses and interiors in which players can either use pre constructed homes or create their own.

maxresdefault (1)

My-House-the-sims-3-14543433-1024-768 MTS_Sims3Addicted-997042-2ndFloor Sims-3-Arjan-floor-plan-upstairs




Fable 3 to be precise, is a game that puts the player in the shoes of a ruler. The player has to deal with real estate as a task that helps them score points. This includes decorating a number of castles and cottages as per era specific design which are later sold off.

castle_148201-1920x1080 DSC05125 Fable_III_Shot1 Fable3_good_evil_decor_1 Fable3_good_evil_decor_2 Hero's_Castle_Quarters


Second Life


An open-ended game with a creative experience. It enables you to create both realistic looking houses or absolutely imaginary homes as well as own them. You can design, decorate and spend time with friends in the spaces you create.

1288245328 01-Snapshot_003 5-Snapshot_003 HOUSEE_001


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