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Guide To Gifting An Interior Designer

Something wacky, something bold, something brilliant and something to behold. Gifting an interior designer can be quite a task considering they get to all the good branded designer stuff all on their own. But what’s the sentiment behind a simply branded gift without a punch line. Here are a bunch of gifts to do just that. Gifts to appeal to their inner geek for this holiday season.

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A Decaying Victorian House Fashioned From Lego Blocks


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Geek It Up

Ever wondered how to show off your geeky side? Well, here’s a bunch of amazing stuff that can add an interesting zing to your space. Go Geek Chic with these awesome collections.





Cushions are a great touch to jazz up the place. Put them on your couch or your bed, display your love for the social media or show off logos from the Adobe’s Suite of products.








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