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432 Park Avenue


Renowned architect Rafael Vinoyl brought to life a 95 million dollar penthouse located in Manhattan. What sets it apart is the jaw dropping view from this luxurious space located in the third tallest building in America.

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Dutch Prison Transformation To Luxury Hotel

Who would have ever thought people would pay good money to spend time in prison? Transformation of the Het Arresthuis, an infamous Netherlands prison for almost a hundred and fifty years, into a luxury hotel has changed the idea following its refurbishment…


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Old Vicar Residence With A Modern Makeover

630x420 (24)

London’s Richmond Bridge a historic vicarage turned into a modern day design marvel sporting bespoke furniture. Owned by a family of six, one of its owners being a designer who refurbished it to suit present day needs. The place is large and equipped with a grand hall, seven sumptuous bedrooms, game rooms and playrooms for kids, a nursery and five bathrooms, TV room, study, an open kitchen plus a naturally lit dining room. The house has a soothing neutral colour palette with touches of dove-grey.

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Do It Up With Architectural Details

The average home can often come off as insipid & mundane. But the best way to change that is by introducing minor features, something that gives some taste and texture to the space.

Main Image

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DIY Headboards

A bed is not only a prime piece in your room, it gives character to the bedroom. And what better than a headboard to accentuate your bed and convey a bold statement. Here is a collection of a few Do-It-Yourself ideas you could use to add more personality to your room.

The Art Piece Headboard


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