DIY Headboards

A bed is not only a prime piece in your room, it gives character to the bedroom. And what better than a headboard to accentuate your bed and convey a bold statement. Here is a collection of a few Do-It-Yourself ideas you could use to add more personality to your room.

The Art Piece Headboard


If you’re an art collector you’ve probably always wondered how to display it, bet you never had an idea it could make a rather impressive headboard for your bed. You could probably install your favourite art piece by mounting it up on the wall behind your bed or resting it on the back edge. Another way to do it would be to rest a large piece of art on the floor leaning against the back wall and placing your bed slightly in front creating a gap from the art piece so it would have its breathing space. You don’t necessarily have to be an art collector for this idea. See any art you like just for the colours or just because you find it charming go ahead be bold and introduce a canvas into your room.

The Card and Posters Headboard



Tired of keeping your old posters and stacked up birthday cards hidden away in the storage, you don’t have to anymore. Your headboard can be a great way to display those collectibles. Try these ideas if you are the occasional traveller hang up your postcards and show off the places you have been to. You can hang them up on the line, encase an assortment of little cards in frames or just stick them to the wall, you can also use greeting cards. And if you are a movie buff or just a geek with a poster collection you can stick them to a large MDF board or a piece of cardboard and use that as a headboard, or sandwich your posters between two pieces of plexiglass.

Upholstered Panels and Cushions


Upholstered headboards add a more softer touch to your room. For a more mature and sophisticated look this is the way to go. Want a classy touch, pastel colours partnered with upholstered cushions or panels would be great. You could tailor these upholstered panels at home using a cardboard lined with sponge wrapped in a piece of cloth. Same sized cushions placed together can also create a beautiful headboard.

Dividers, Panels and Storage Boxes



Add a slightly antique touch by using rustic window shutters or use carved wood panels, wrought iron frames, even a decorative room divider. Such pieces can add a character of their own to the room. And if you’d like something more functional… hows about a set of storage boxes to use as a headboard.

Wood Pallets, MDF and Cardboards


Wood pallets and MDF boards are simple and easy installations for creating a stylish headboard. They are low cost and easy to work with. Another easy idea is using cardboard or wooden boards, top it off with wallpaper and you’ll have one elegant looking headboard.


Framing It


This a very simple and smart idea, frames. Use an empty frame border on the back wall of your bed or paint one. It gives a sleek and bold touch to your room and highlights the bed.

A DIY headboard is a good personal touch for the room. What are some other DIY headboards you would try?

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