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Floating Book Shelves

Check out this smart invisible floating book shelf- The Umbra Concealed Floating Book Shelf, designed by Miron Lior.



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Portable Fireplace

A great winter treat to warm you up. This unique portable gel fireplace is a brushed nickel base with up to three cans of  FireGlo gel fuel sandwiched between floating glass panels. The result is a modern, elegant and practical product.


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The Vertebrae Staircase

Designed by Andrew McConnell this modular design called the Vertebrae Staircase was inspired by the spine of a whale.


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Innovative Tool Kit Must Haves For Every Designer


Constrained Ball

The Constrained Ball by Korean designer Giha Woo is a simple but intelligent drawing aid which once attached to the pen or pencil helps create straight lines without the use of a ruler.


Futura Glass top craft table drafting table

The mother of art tables… the Glass Top Futura Craft Table is definitely one for your personal studio. Its glass top can easily come in handy for tracing and it comes with a lot of storage space to keep your drawing equipment  within reach.


Smart measuring tape

A convenient tool for designers with some smart and simple adjustments . There is a groove created on the side of this measuring tape that allows the user to insert a pencil and make a marking. Hassle free to use and can really come in handy when measuring large spaces.


Looking like an ordinary calculator this device is similar to the measuring tape but goes a step further.  It’s like an electric measuring tape but instead of the tape there is a string. It’s simple to use…you pull the string to the length you want to measure and it will display the measurement . Not only does this device measure straight lines but also comes in handy when measuring curved surfaces and circumference of a round object.


design stencil kit

This is a great tool for when you are drafting and is a must have for design students.


electronic ruler

Start and end a line from any point on this scale and it will give you an accurate measurement.

Awesome Apps Every Designer Must Have


Apps for interior design

 Founded by designer Andrew spears in the year 2009, this app portrays a collection of some of the best artwork from all around the world. A pocket dictionary for design inspiration with daily updates covering various aspects from architecture, graphic, web, interior design and more.

Plethora - Interior Design App

 Plethora is a very simple application that puts some of the world’s top design blogs literally at your finger tips. With a direct access to the source this app will list the details of the company the art work belongs to, with a link to the company’s website that opens within the app. It also has the added feature of sharing the item on your favorite social network.


Big Yellow Space Kit- space planner

A great app for designers and anyone working on an interior project alike. The Big Yellow Space Kit is like a mobile tool box. It is full of easy-to-use tools like an on the go Floor Planner that lets users instantly draw up a plan to see if things fit, a Box Archiver which is perfect when you’re on the move to list in which box you’ve stored the items, a Paint Calculator where you can list the height and width of the wall to see how much paint you need and a Unit Converter that helps instantly convert measurements from inches to feet to centimeters.


snapshop interior design

An app that allows you to visualize how a piece of furniture will look in your existing space.  All you simply do is stand in the space you want to remodel or choose the picture saved in your library, launch the app and browse the furniture catalogue provided-  select a category like sofas, select your furniture which will bring up the camera with an overlay of the furniture. You can then point and place the furniture in the room. Use your fingers to position, rotate and scale the furniture and click a photo which provides you with an instant visual.


Color Choice- interior design 

Developed by the Comex Group, Color Choice is a virtual decorating tool which allows you to generate various color combinations.

How it works-  Search for your chosen color or similar shades by product name, color name or code, choose a photograph of your exterior or interior in which you can select a wall and apply your color. You can then save this project.