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Video Games: A Virtual World Of Design And Architecture

Houses, mansions, apartments, lofts or penthouses, you name it. Properties are quite the hype not only in the real world but also in the virtual world. Many games out there have the prospect of interesting architectural and interior design details we often overlook.

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Stimulating Google Office Design In London


A 160,000 sq.ft. office  located in the Renzo Piano designed- Central St. Giles Building in Covent Garden, London is no ordinary office. The second Google office from Penson Interior Design following the office they designed for London’s Google engineers. This office includes a gym, dance studio, massage parlour, a secret garden, restaurants and loads of other recreational facilities and to top it off a panoramic view of the London skyline. It does not fall short of a Five-star resort.

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Dragon Skull Discovered On A Beach

Imagine a surreal world where you come across an unusual artifact on your usual day out at the beach. So was the case on Charmouth Beach-Dorset, England. A gigantic forty foot dragon skull was discovered washed ashore on the beach.


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Articulate Superhero Silhouette Poster Illustrations

Artist Khoa Ho presents a poster series Superheroes- Past/Present displaying symbolic characters like Batman and Superman in the form of  silhouettes which  disclose their past within their present.


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R2D2- The Gamer’s Droid


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