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A View of Lake Zurich

The Feldbalz House, a family home designed by Swiss architect Gus Wustemann is a three story residence that occupies a spectacular 276 square meter plot overlooking the Lake Zurich. Fashioned with glass the private area of the house permits it to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the lake and the surrounding area.

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Amazing Modern House With A Wonderful Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Designed by architect Olga Freiman comes this gorgeous modern house situated near Moscow, Russia.  Constructed of mostly steel, glass and wood the house has a graceful and natural feel. The floor to ceiling windows open up to the outdoor terrace and the lush green surroundings, creating a lovely transition of spaces from indoors to the great outdoors. The house is brilliantly flooded with natural light and one of the noteworthy features of this house is the beautiful indoor swimming pool it contains.














The Las Vegas Penthouse

Located in the city center, a unit from the Veer Tower in Las Vegas comes a flashy penthouse by designer Mark Tracy from Chemical Spaces. The intention of the designer was to bring together some of the finest materials to create this extravagant dwelling with a friendly, colorful and welcoming atmosphere.

The color palette of this residence consists grey, blues and greens cleverly accentuated by colors material and lighting that complements the space and brings forth a whole new tone.