Arckit: A Revolutionary Product For Creating Architectural Models


Gone are the days when you would cut, glue and paste to meet a deadline. ARCKIT is a product designed by architects for designers, architects, students and basically anyone who is interested in creating architectural projects be it for a hobby or otherwise.



imageIt is an amazing alternative for a lego, built for a specific purpose of constructing scaled architectural models which could come in handy for presentations. The kit consists off modular model making components based on modern panelled building techniques. This product gives you endless possibilities without the hassle of creating a mess by gluing and cutting materials. The best part about it is that you can reuse the product just like lego blocks by taking it apart and putting it back together to create a new project.

imageThis product also works with 3D computer models, also there is a library of textures you can apply to your model to bring it to life via ARCKITEXTURE which can be found on their official website.


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